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The Future of DC Films, Part I

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When The Snyder Cut drops, the dominoes will fall.

Once the stuff of myth -- once believed by some, dismissed by others -- The Snyder Cut has become quite possibly the most important upcoming superhero project. This isn't in the context of a box-office windfall; The Snyder Cut will be released exclusively on HBO Max. However, the number of new subscriptions HBO Max can reel in, not to mention the social-media explosion of fan accolades it has already gotten, is solid gold.

Snyder's future with DC Films has yet to be cemented but it has never been met with this enthusiasm on a corporate level since Dawn of Justice was announced. Well, from The Rock and AT&T at least as there are still many Warner execs who force a thumbs up publicly but bolt for the Maalox privately.

Walter Hamada, Warner Bros. Pictures President of DC-Based Film Production, is enthusiastic about the multiverse format that DC is entering into their movies via the Flash film. As mentioned in a previous report, don't expect this to be the norm nor as expansive as it might suggest. An exception was made for Matt Reeves' The Batman to be set outside DCEU continuity but that was when Warner Bros. wanted to toss the cinematic universe idea into the waste bin, before AT&T and The Rock sought a cohesive unit. Loved by comics fans, the multiverse will be confusing to the general public, they argue, especially in theatrical pictures where there isn't an endless amount of hours to clarify the science-fiction details. Even Greg Berlanti, the superproducer who pioneered the multiverse on his DC shows for the CW, now has all the characters roaming the same planet after the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

Sources indicate that The Snyder Cut, if hugely popular, will spin off both more cinema-bound and HBO Max offerings that enlarge the DCEU. And this is where Black Adam steps in. Black Adam will fully and happily embrace the DCEU as The Rock is being planned to eventually meet, and fight, Henry Cavill's Superman after his debut. This has the potential of easily topping Dawn of Justice, which was a commercial disappointment in terms of Warner's huge expectations. A Justice Society film will be launched from Black Adam and then lead into a Justice League/Justice Society cinematic team-up similar to the annual summer events from DC Comics decades ago.

Black Adam will become, in essence, the Iron Man of DC Films in terms of being its biggest star, its center. He will be the MVP of DC films, and sources say AT&T is thrilled at the thought of The Rock meeting Jason Momoa's Aquaman and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in future movies. However, that will reportedly not happen in Black Adam's initial entry. They are going to build to it.

When the multiverse is utilized post-Flash, it will be, for now, focused mainly on The Batman and its sequels and spin-offs and perhaps one-off films that are greenlit a la Joker. Insiders state that if The Snyder Cut detonates even larger that they hoped for, even those limited plans for the multiverse will be sliced further. That Batman is being singled out for the multiverse is beyond Robert Pattinson's new take on the role or Michael Keaton returning as the '89 Dark Knight for Flash. Discussions continue for Ben Affleck in his Batman movie for HBO Max, and there could possibly be additional appearances for him, including a Justice League sequel. The dominoes are everything.

Part II: Will Greg Berlanti become the Kevin Feige of DC Films?

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