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The Silver Surfer to Enter the MCU as a Villain Initially

One of the MCU's most alien of superheroes will, ironically, be among its most human.

The Surfer was among the characters that Fox previously handled which was received well by many fans. But Marvel Studios wants to probe deeper into his psyche, find the beating heart underneath his metallic frame. It is through Masters that the Surfer regains his empathy, suppressed by Galactus' psychological hold to keep him submissive. The Surfer was always Stan "The Man" Lee's most thoughtful of protagonists, a being of immense power who'd rather have peace in his life. Early discussions have been to explore his origins as Norrin Radd, give the audience a reason to care about him, explore the tragedy of his life and how he ends up betraying Galactus by choosing humanity over him.

But before he arrives at that conclusion, the Surfer is being planned to strike against the MCU's heavy weaponry, not just the Fantastic Four but perhaps Thor as well.


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