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Update: Mutants Headed to MCU in January 2021

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The wait is finally over.

WandaVision will officially debut on Disney+ on January 15, 2021.

Marvel Studios' first entry in streaming television, WandaVision is going to pave the way for the multiverse madness the MCU will dive into in Phase Four. This hotly anticipated series finds Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige overseeing production with a cinematic budget for TV. Consisting of six episodes, Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and the Vision (Paul Bettany) are in a weird dreamland of insanity and freakish sitcoms.

Taking inspiration from various comic-book classics like the "House of M" story wherein the Scarlet Witch loses her mind, WandaVision is experimental, trippy, and rumored to be the debut of mutants in the MCU.

As I scooped on October 23, the Scarlet Witch will discover that she and her brother Quicksilver are actually mutants just as they are in the comics. Marvel Studios wasn't able to address this for years because Fox owned those theatrical rights prior to Disney acquiring them.

Let the weirdness begin in January.

Source: Marvel Twitter

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