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Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends 6" Moon Knight Delivers Justice to a Shadowy Hero

Written By Dan Hickman • Toy Editor Writer

Welcome back to Dan’s ToyBox; thank you for cracking the lid and taking a peek inside. Today we’re taking a look at the Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends 6"  Moon Knight. Marc Spector was once a mercenary who, after seeing a vision in an ancient Egyptian temple, became the crime-fighting vigilante known as Moon Knight. I’ve already freed him from his cardboard confinement and am excited to share my thoughts on Moon Knight. Let’s take a peek at him, shall we?

I really didn’t think I would land one of these as Walgreens online was sold out and there were none at my local store. Thank you, Ebay. I’m super jacked to have found a reasonably priced copy so let’s get into some details now, starting with his accessories and overall appearance.

Moon Knight comes in his traditional costume: the all-white mask, silver crescent moon, and pearlescent sheen on his boots, belt, and gauntlets. He has an alternate black masked head, two pairs of hands, fisted and gripping, his staff (which doesn’t come apart to form his individual truncheons, unfortunately), two large crescent dirks, and three small crescent dirks, which fit into notches on the fists. The cape fits loosely around his neck, but has a peg to port into Moon Knight’s back.

The paint deco is incredible. There is a light black wash over the cloak and mask which gives depth to the material. I noticed two black spots on my cloak, which also showed up on the figure Shartimus Prime reviewed. My assumption is factory defect. Other than that, though, Moon Knight features a very clean paint scheme. I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, no smudges or marbling anywhere. The black masked head has silver eyes and the same black spray/wash on the hood as on the white masked version. Both look equally exciting on the figure, but I have chosen to display mine with the white mask.

Overall, I am very pleased and impressed with what Hasbro has done with Moon Knight’s look and feel. For comparison, I've included pictures of the Vulture BAF Moon Knight, released with the Spider-Man Homecoming Wave.

Moon Knight checks in at about 6 and ½-¾ inches tall to the top

of his hood. Moon Knight’s articulation is standard for Marvel Legends although I did have to tighten up some of his joints, notably in the hips and ankles. His head turns side to side and can look up and down but is limited due to his hood and the scarf/wrap of his cloak. His arms raise out to his side at just about 90 degrees and his shoulders offer a full 360-degree rotation. Moon Knight has a bicep swivel, double-jointed elbows, and wrist pivot and hinges. He has a good ab crunch and waist swivel. His legs will do a roughly 90-degree split and will kick forward very well; he has an upper thigh cut/swivel, double-jointed knees, ankle rotation and flexion forward and back along with a good ankle rocker.

My only real complaints about the figure are that when the cape is pegged into the port on his back, he has a tendency to lean forward, as the cape is lower than his feet. Additionally, the gripping hands are open somewhat wide, which means the staff and larger crescent dirks have a problem staying put and will slide out of his hands unless you pose carefully. Overall, though, I am tremendously excited to have this in the collection and at a sale point of between $20-$25; this is a figure worth putting in your own ToyBox!

Thanks for reading; make sure to visit Dan’s Toybox on YouTube. See you next week when we drop a review on another Walgreens Exclusive: Iron Man 2020. Until then, geek out! Video below:


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