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WB DOES Plan to Release Snyder Cut on HBO Max

Despite continuous denials from Warner Bros., there are plans to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League on HBO Max. However, there are issues preventing them from announcing when to expect it. Mainly, the Snyder Cut is unfinished. There is incomplete FX work, for one thing, Snyder was gone from *Justice League *before specific scenes could be (and now never will be) shot, what's left needs work to be presented to the general public. WB will not confirm anything prematurely; when it's ready, so will be all the marketing as this will help push HBO Max to potential subscribers in terms of social media buzz. As Greg Berlanti's Green Lantern TV series won't reach the launch day of HBO Max (although it eventually be exclusive to that streaming service), WB is hoping this will be their buzzworthy Mandalorian calling card. Finishing what there is of the Snyder Cut won't be cheap, and I'm told it's in the range of $10 million or more.

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