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WB Interested in Michael B. Jordan for 'Green Lantern'

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Warner Bros. doesn't like Green Lantern.

No, not the character, but the 2011 box-office bust starring Ryan Reynolds. Yes, it was studio meddling that resulted in the film not reaching its creative potential, but corporate heads will never blame themselves for that. So Green Lantern has been in limbo with WB afraid of turning on the light again. There was supposed to be a rebooted movie with Hal Jordan but that never took flight; instead, producer Greg Berlanti grabbed it for HBO Max and its streaming platform.

I reported here on September 16 that the WB does have plans on bringing GL back to theaters; however, it won't be Jordan but John Stewart instead, developed to join Zack Snyder's Justice League crew for a cinematic sequel.

And now it's looking like the Green Lantern movie franchise won't be dead for long. Insiders tell me that a new GL film is being seriously discussed for Stewart. WB does see the commercial potential in the character; if done well, it could be like a cross between Superman and Star Wars. We are still far from casting as there's no director officially attached although the J.J. Abrams talk persists. When I asked a source who WB's dream choice for Stewart will be, the answer dropped fast: Michael B. Jordan of Black Panther and Creed fame. Jordan had been rumored in the past for Superman when Henry Cavill was considered gone. That has changed now with Cavill returning. Could Jordan end up as Stewart instead? That all depends on how the dominoes fall.

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