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What is Spider-Man Worth?

What is Spider-Man worth?

Ever since my scoop of Disney wanting to purchase the Spider-Man theatrical rights somewhere between $4 to $5 billion, debates have exploded globally -- some by trolls but others by people genuinely wondering: Is he worth that? The answer is yes, and I'll detail why.

I) When a company makes such a large purchase, they're not expecting short-term return on investment (ROI). The Spider-Man IP is something that will deliver billions to Disney in the decades to come. When they bought Lucasfilm in October 2012 for $2.2 billion in cash and $1.855 billion in stock, it wasn't until 2015 that *The Force Awakens* was released and devoured $2.068 globally at the box office. But when they purchased Lucasfilm a few years earlier, *Star Wars* was no longer a hot property. The franchise was considered nostalgia, and George Lucas' prequels in the late '90s-early '00s polarized fans and critics with diminishing BO returns after the initial* Phantom Menace* hype. So the whole *"Spider-Man shouldn't cost more than Star Wars" *argument fails to look at the context of time. *Star Wars* was seen as a story, not part of a larger cinematic universe like Spider-Man that Disney could further expand and reap more cash. And there weren't the streaming options that we have now, either. $4 billion is pocket change compared to what they can make from the Spider-Man IP years from now; it's the gift that will keep giving.

II) $4 billion isn't just for Spider-Man. It's for all of the characters in his world, around 900 or so that Kevin Feige will have full control over and have appear in any MCU film he wants. You may scoff at a Black Cat/Silver Sable movie from Sony but imagine that coming from Feige's magic wand. This is man who got you all to see a talking raccoon and a walking tree; don't you think he can do box-office wonders with two hot bad girls? Or how about Venom in a Blade movie? You think the 4B is just for Spidey? The possibilities are endless.

III) Disney won't just have one Spider-Man. Miles Morales has been sitting on the bench this whole time waiting for his chance at the plate. Picture Ryan Coogler giving Morales the *Black Panther* gravitas or Jon Watts with his John Hughes touch on the youthful character. Disney could release a *Spider-Man* film in the same year as a live-action *Into the Spider-Verse* with Morales. A *New Avengers* epic with Spidey as the team leader. Then cap it off with Blade forming the Midnight Sons with Venom against Carnage in an R-rated pic under the Fox banner. $4 billion, you say? And how about Spider-Woman as well?

Disney would not be dumb for this.

Your fly in the ointment,

Mikey Sutton


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