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Will Daredevil Join The Avengers?

Hell's Kitchen may have the Devil as its protector, but soon so will the planet. From the film-noir gritty streets of his Netflix existence, Marvel Studios has larger, more ambitious plans for the Man Without Fear. But let's escort the elephant out of the room first. Marvel Studios still wants Charlie Cox in the role. Kevin Feige enjoyed the show, especially Cox' performance.

Unless there is a scheduling conflict, there is no reason to recast Cox. He is the face of the character with millions of fans.

Like Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, he defines the hero.

While Marvel Studios awaits for his Netflix hold to expire, discussions have been tossed around on what to do with Daredevil besides another TV series, which will happen on one of Disney's streaming networks. Marvel Studios is looking into graduating Daredevil into film or back on the cinemas if you count Ben Affleck's take. No solo movies have been talked about but an appearance in an upcoming Avengers adventure is becoming increasingly likely. Whether Daredevil joins the Avengers is another matter entirely, but they want him to be their "man on the street" in New York. After all, not every adversary for the Avengers will be cosmic. Pete's Basement has the scoop. Video below:


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