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Will the MCU Open Doors to a 'Strange Academy'?

Marvel Studios wants to become Stranger. With the success of Doctor Strange and the increasing popularity of the character, Disney has been wondering how they can spin off the property with other similarly magical creations. They got their wish fulfilled with the comic-book series Strange Academy. Speculated from the beginning with as a possible MCU adaptation, I am hearing that there is serious interest in making that happen. While no development has begun yet, Feige is a massive fan of the Harry Potter movies, and this will allow him to have a franchise that echoes that series' blend of youth, sorcery, and fun.

According to my sources, Strange Academy is being discussed to be introduced after Brother Voodoo makes his debut. He will be among the personnel instructing the kids. We are talking years from now so have patience as Captain America would recommend. An animated version has been whispered about along with a possible live-action movie. Insiders have told me that Strange Academy has too much commercial potential to be limited to Disney+.

Thank you to Lords of the Longbox for covering this scoop. Video below:


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