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Zack Snyder's Future with DC Films Looking Super

In March, when I scooped Henry Cavill returning as Superman -- which was later confirmed to be accurate -- AT&T was still in a holding pattern about bringing Zack Snyder back to helm a Man of Steel sequel. It was nothing personal; they greenlit The Snyder Cut and was simply awaiting the response to it before making a decision going forward. Certainly, the interest was there.

According to my inside sources, interest is now an understatement; it's more like a boiling desire. The hype for The Snyder Cut has reached its ultimate level. Fans have become increasingly vocal about seeing it, the public excitement perhaps even exceeding that of the next Wonder Woman movie. I was told that they wouldn't be surprised if Snyder is given not only Man of Steel 2 but a third as well, completing his cinematic book on the Kryptonian.

Thank you to Pop Culture Minefield for covering my scoop.

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